Amtrak Excursion 2014
2014 Ted H. Schaar

4. Plains
Southest Chief
On loan

The Heartland Flyer's Big Game Train normally carries fans to and from "the annual Red River Rivalry football showdown between the University of Oklahoma Sooners and the University of Texas Longhorns,"* according to a website maintained by The Daily Ardmoreite, Ardmore, Oklahoma.  Must have been borrowed due to a shortage of equipment on the Southwest Chief run.

Southwest Chief
Kansas trailer home.
Twenty-First Century

A well-dressed, at first somewhat shy woman in her early fifties was seated with us for lunch. 

She took a while to warm to the situation but eventually said she's a radiologist like her father and was traveling with her elderly mother in a deluxe bedroom like ours.  They were heading to LA and then taking a cruise ship to Vancouver.

We talked enough in the brief span of having a salad and coffee to learn that she was frustrated by the current health care system and not necessarily happy with Obama's attempts to fix it, though she applauded his willingness to try to do something rather than nothing like his predecessors.

By the the end of lunch, she was comfortable enough to let us know she is a lesbian who will wed another medical professional this summer in Vermont, the first state to legalize gay marriage.

Completely twenty-first century.
Bathroom in the deluxe bedroom
Combination shower-toilet in our Deluxe Bedroom; probably
it's a more efficient experience for some than for others. 


Photos 2014 Ted H. Schaar except where noted.